『 °˖✧ HALLELUJAH ✧˖° 』


          ”Mmm, yes I—WHAAAAAAA! A talking cat in a sarong!”
                          Mako jumped at the sight, taking in
                          his strange appearance, the orange
                          shoes and —

             ”—ahh, what a cute hat ♡ ! It’s so floppy!”
              Mako laughed, already waving the ears in
              her hands. ” … wait, did you say Kiryuin?!
              Like Satsuki-sama?!”


"Oh yeah, sorry to surprise you like that. There is no real subtle way to say that…oh this thing?"


"Yeah, it IS kind of the greatest hat in the entire universe! Nobody can reach it’s level.” Meow stated with a smug grin in a tone as if it was a fact. He was certainly enjoying the attention, as usual. “Satsuki? Oh yes, it’s not just her; Ms Ragyo and Ryuko have told me about you. They were certainly right about you, being hyper and energetic!”

"Hey Lilith, long time no see!" he shouts seeing her work on Prince's ship as they both stood in the parking lot of Boobies.



Lilith’s ears perked up at the sound of a familiar voice. She turned her gaze from the ship and over to the direction of the voice. Pulling up her goggles, she turned off the torch, and waved. “Hey, Meow.”

The reunion must have really touched Meow’s father if this really was the first time he smiled since he was crippled. The smile was even contagious like a yawn. Now that Lilith thought about it, she was actually kind of tired after the long trip here. She tried to shake it off as she grabbed Meow’s paw in her’s. "Let’s," she replied, holding back a yawn. She guessed even just thinking about yawning made the act happen.

Once everyone was inside, Lilith let the environment sit in. It’s like nothing had even changed aside from Meow’s siblings being older than when she was last here. The eldest daughter still asking for money, the twins running about but with more energy. Boy did she miss this place. "Not much has changed around here, hu?" Lilith smiled. It was good to be home again.


Meow’s father, with a sparkling smile still on his face, turned his head to Lilith. “Hey, you know what they say Lilly, if ain’t broke don’t fix it! Meow, your mother really has been the glue that’s held this family together though, since this whole ordeal.” The mother blushed at her husband. "Aw hush now! You flatter me too much! Lilth’s family has really been a big help as well. After this happened, and it got out to the rest of this small town, they reached out and have really helped take care of us. It’s almost like we have come together as one huge super family."


The siblings looked down the stairs, and saw Meow and Lilith. “Oh cool! Big Bro and Lilly are back!” They all ran downstairs towards the new couple. As soon as they reached them; they began to hug them and jump up and down with joy. The smaller siblings even snuggled into their legs lovingly. "Guys, Guys calm down!"

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